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色综合亚洲色综合吹潮 怀揣夢想 拥抱世界

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縱觀古今中外,曆史的漫漫長河中,多少偉人的崇高理想仍激勵著一代又一代的青年人美國知名作家Mark Twain曾經說過,Don't part with your illusions. When they are gone you may still exist, but you have ceased to live. ”而諸葛亮也曾在誡子書中寫下:“夫君子之行,靜以修身,儉以養德。非淡泊無以明志,非甯靜無以致遠。”。 周恩來爲了振興中華,一生秉承爲中華之崛起而讀書的精神奉獻畢生的精力,投身革命,在曆史上留下了輝煌的一頁。Martin Luther King,爲了解放黑奴,解開束縛人民的枷鎖拯救萬萬衆生于水火熱之中他毅然奔走于追求民主的道路最終夢想成真,樹立起人類平權曆史上最偉大的豐碑。




感谢胡馨文同学的发言。关于夢想,我們的外教也有许多话想说,Lets welcome Dr.Park and Miss Reed.


Good morning everyone. It is a beautiful morning, a little bit chilly though.

This is my first time being in front of many people in China so I feel a little bit nervous. Please forgive me if you see any nervousness.

Last Tuesday, two of my students in the China-America class came to me and asked if I could give a short speech during this Monday morning assembly. As you know, not many people like to give a public speech. So I paused a little bit and asked them, “What is it about? What’s the topic?” They said “About future dream”.

I thought about the topic for a second and said yes because I believe it is time for you to think about your future and your dream now.

What is future? What is a dream? In English future is future. I am a linguist. I’ve studied languages, so let me tell you how you say future in several different languages.

Future is English. In Chinese? Weilai, in Japanese? Milai, in Korean? Milae. The idea of future is in your mind, whichever language you speak. We just say it differently.

Future to you is the same as this. Everyone here at Nanjing foreign language school Huai’an campus has future and whether you like it or not, your future will come to you. Here is the difference. You cannot stop future from coming to you but you can make your future dream come true.

For most of you here, future dream is not determined yet. It’s like water in a cup. If you put your future in a square cup, your future will be square. If your cup is triangular, your future will be triangular. It doesn’t have any shape for now and your cup will give your future a shape.

Then, how can you make your cup? You know what? Whether you recognize or not, you guys have already started making your cups. Here at Nanjing foreign language school Huai’an campus, you are making your cups for your future and future dream. With this cup, you will scoop your future, keep and cherish your future in the cup and in your future cup, your future dream will have a shape. Day by day, in every single moment in your classes, in every minute you spend with your friends and your teachers, you are making your dream cup for your future. Nobody knows what shape your future will be, and even you do not know what dream you will make come true.

Again, whether you like it or not like it, your future will come to you. You cannot stop it. There is nothing you can do about future coming to you. However, you can do something for your future dream. You can make your future dream come true and your dream will be in your future cup. It is your job to make your cup for your future.

I hope that during your study at Nanjing foreign language school Huai’an campus, everyone can create a wonderful cup, and I do hope that the cup you create here will become a beautiful trophy cup for your bright future. Thank you.


What does it mean to dream? Is it just a moment when we are asleep, letting our minds run wild? Or do dreams creep into every moment of our lives, motivating us to push ourselves a little harder? Every one of us has a dream. Take a moment to think. What is your dream? Our dreams are fueled by what we love and value and are completely unique to each of us. For some of you, your dream is to go to an American University to study. For others it’s to create and be creative. Some of you dream about the chance to make your own choices and forge your own path in life. And for a few, maybe you just don’t know. And that’s okay.

But once you find your dream, do not ignore it. Do not push it down inside of you and pretend it never came into your mind. Let it inspire you. Let it be the reason you wake up every morning and try your best. Let it be the reason you study a few extra minutes, or ask a question in your class. Let it be the reason you stop by your teachers desk and ask them to go over the homework with you or for some extra practice.

But what about when your dreams seem too far away? What about when they seem impossible to reach? At moments when it seems like your dreams are not something you can accomplish it is easy to give up. It is easy to say, I’m not good enough. It’s easy to look at a bad test grade and say, “Maybe this isn’t for me.” Or to not understand the lesson the first time and think you should just stop trying. But nothing in life that is worth doing is easy. Just ask Walt Disney.

We all know Walt Disney for his creation of Mickey Mouse. But did you know that before Mickey, Walt worked in his garage with his brother creating a bunch of cartoons that all failed. No one wanted to buy his cartoons. No one thought his ideas were any good. Walt could have given up. He could have taken the easy way out and stopped trying. But every day he tried and he kept following his dream and he pushed  himself, until the impossible happened. He made a mouse. And that mouse turned into one of the most well-known and loved characters in history.

Years later when Walt was asked about how he made Mickey and how he pushed past impossible odds to become one of the most creative minds in America, he replied with how nothing is truly impossible. But when it came to the things that really seemed impossible he had this to say, “It’s kind of fun to do the impossible.” Doing the impossible may sound crazy, but Walt Disney proved that it isn’t time and time again. He was able to make things that had never been made before. He followed his dreams and made them a reality.

Dreaming is the easy part. We all do it. But we have to have the courage to work towards our dreams. We have to understand that we may fail again and again. But that doesn’t mean we should give up. That doesn’t mean we should stop trying our hardest. You never know when you are going to do the impossible. So as we head to classes this week, try a little harder. Reach a little further. And take a step closer to those dreams.